Monday, May 30, 2011

Tickled Pickled

I feel an uncontrollable urge to pickle everything right now....

Master Quick Pickle Recipe (Adapted from Momofuku Cookbook, David Chang)
225 ml Water- piping hot from the tap
125 ml Rice Wine Vinegar
6 T Sugar
2 1/4 t Sea Salt
(I added coriander seeds and fresh chillies to mine)
Mix all ingredients together and pout over prepared vegetable or fruit.

In my past months of wrapping my head around learning to speak Spanish, French, Arabic, and memorizing Sanskrit. There is really no way in hell that I am going to retain ANY German at this point, while here in Austria. Which is really fine because almost every Austrain I've met here speaks at least 3 languages, and their english is surprisingly far better than mine. When I found a fantastic little Cookbook and Spice Shop near my house in Vienna, one that even has English Cookbooks! I stocked up. Moro Cookbook, A Month in Marrakesh my always "go to" favorite Chez Panise Cafe Cookbook, and the playful Momofuku Cookbook by David Chang. There is nothing quite as pleasing to me than to have those paper pages pass my hands while my eyes fill with the most inspiring text and recipes. It's like plugging in the cord to my chef battery, and re-entering the kitchen with a fresh bag of tricks.

The Asian food outlets here in Vienna are mind blowing! I can get authentic Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Indian products here so easily. And in the land of lush Austrian pastry's, I chose a sesame doughnut filled with sweetened mungbean paste from the Vietnamese shop each day. One that has me quickly retracing the steps in my mind through the streets of Hanoi.

An Artists premier party was scheduled for 10 close friends of the family I work for. With my new bed stand book being the Momofuku Cookbook, I had Ssam on the brain for days! A hot griddle was set up in the middle of the table and around it, decorated was various bowls of scallion ginger sauce, black bean chilli sauce, pickled mustard sauce, thin sliced Austrian beef, fresh scallops, tofu, and pickled papaya, fennel and cucumbers. Chopsticks navigated their way across the table to fry bits of meat, grab a rice ball or a scoop of coriander udon noodles. A crisp French Chablis made it all come together, and the sounds of The Editors played in the background.

In 2 1/2 weeks from now, I'll be packing up my things here and heading to the south of Itlay to assist on this sea bound adventure with my Fairy Foodie Godmother, Peggy. I've got bikini's, boat shoes, and pickled beets.

With love from Vienna X -A

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