Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chef Shoes On

I've moved to Vienna.
Wait... let me rephrase that- I have been moved to Vienna.
3 weeks ago, on a Friday, I was asked to cook and teach yoga to a couple on holiday in Mallorca. By Sunday I had packed a bag and moved to Vienna with them as the families private chef.

At the usual whirlwind pace that I tend to flow at in life, I have jumped right into the creative chaos of living in a new city with a full on daily job. June in Vienna brings sun that shows her face in between the century old buildings, outdoor art exhibitions and wild asparagus.
These beautiful, thin, tender green stems and bundled together at almost everystand at the Nachtmarkt- my daily playground. Steamed with lemon zest and cracked pepper, topped with a poached egg, rain of Spanish sea salt and a sprinkling of Austria's aromatic hazelnuts. Lunch in Vienna is served.


  1. yum!!! asparagus & poached egg is one of my all time favs!!

  2. You make lunch sound so romantic- perfect to match your new beautiful Viennese surroundings :)