Sunday, May 20, 2012


The Art Of Motherhood


I am completely in awe of my girlfriends whom have entered so beautifully into the world of motherhood recently. There is something so amazing about that transition from woman to mother. The respect and support I have for these women has developed so much, while they have created and fallen in love with these little nuggets.





Siena- Massey's big sister

This is a beautiful piece of Becoming Mothers, by Peggy Markel.

My curiosity remains at a distant, as my life continues to unfold in ways that deserve my selfish attention to the path of a gypsy chef, not a gypsy mama..... But the moments that I can spend with these children in the last year(s) has made my heart smile in a whole new way.

A happy belated Mothers Day to all the mamas out there!
Especially my own mom, whom will even come to a dirty shipyard in Florida just to spend time with her daughter!

with love and light,