Wednesday, March 30, 2011

7 days

Wdnesday- India

Friday- London

Sunday- EspaƱa

Tuesday- Marrakesh

Made it to Morocco from India in 7 days. With necessary stop overs in London and Spain to properly re-introduce me to the world of meat eating and beer drinking. My clothes continue to smell like incense, and beach sand still lingers about my backpack from an Indian journey that continues to shape the path I now walk.
A love affair with Mother India is sure a hard one to get over. I shall heal my yearning heart with layers of Ras Al Hanout, rosewater, and smooth Moroccan wine...

Thursday, March 10, 2011


The month of February is overrated anyway! So I "chose" to skip it all together in terms of blogging.

Actually, I am just neck-deep in my Yoga Teacher Training course in South India. Therefore writing anything about yoga, breathe, body, mindfulness, yada yada... Is strictly prohibited from this blog at the moment. When I have minutes away from a shala or book on pranayama and meditation, then I slip my mind into daydreams of life at a cutting board. A weighted chef knife in my right hand, wafts of fresh sage and thyme that lay resting in a small glass to my left, an opened bottle of Gin awaiting my assistance to mix with tonic, and a beautifully butchered lamb shoulder resting on crinkled brown paper. Ok, I do believe it is officially time to leave this life as a sober vegetarian!!

I did have one moment in Mysore last month where I was able to cook alongside a local woman for the day, and subtly remind myself of that empowered pulse in my veins for the love of making food. I relaxed myself in a haze of warm ghee smoke that rose from the pan, and freshly ground cardamom that could only speak the language of India.

Cucumber Dosa with Coconut Chutney
Jeera Rice with Cabbage and Cashews
Roasted Eggplant and Cilantro Curry
Plantains fried with cardamom and jaggery
Gulab Jamoon (Indian doughnuts in rose syrup)

I'll post some recipes with proper measurements when I can get back to Spain... or California. But at the moment I have 1 more week to breathe Indian air, drink up the haze of a rising sun from the meditation shala window, and cultivate a plan to bring one of these chai wallas back with me....

A beautiful mantra given to me by a friend last month in Kerala

Om Harim Shrim Klim

Seed sound, the great illusion. All that is form.
Seed Sound Abundance, The energy & Power of Life.
The Great Goddess
Goddess of Earth
Goddess of Food & Nourishment
An offering into the sacred fire. Dissolving the illusion of separation between "I" and "Thy."

I will really miss you, India.