Saturday, March 9, 2013

Belize It.

There are some places in the world that never make it to your bucket list. For one reason or another, it being the weather, the chaos, the people or animals, the danger, the boredom, it's history, or maybe it just lacks that "zing" that you crave in a new adventure. To many, destinations like India, parts of the Middle East, or Russia have dropped to the lowest point of places to be present in (according to my conversations with a few.) 

One of those places, for me a few years ago, was Belize.
I'm not even sure WHY it was not a destination of interest to me, in fact its quite bizarre. Now, I can't imagine life without knowing a bit of Belize.

I've recently been asked by many friends and family to offer suggestions for honeymoon locations. I know very little, if nothing, about honeymoon planning. But I do have cultured opinions on the place I "would" honeymoon in. And one at the top of the list really is the sweet country of Belize. 

Road side lunch

Belize City Marina
Belize City Fresh Market
Fresh Catch. San Pedro.
Robinson Cay
Belize City Harbor

Pelican Cay

Fresh Market. Placencia.

We nestled ourselves primmarily in the southern town of Placencia. A place that is truly hard to leave. The water in Belize is clear, the reefs are abundant, the chilies are hot, the beer is tasty, and the people are overwhelmingly kind.  
Find a solid dock to tie your dingy to and stop into Yoli's. Run by an incredible family team that instantly treats you like one of their own. From the first moment you arrive, you intend on returning.

Till my coffee cravings and new found love of Caribbean cinnamon rolls beg me back to Belize....