Saturday, May 7, 2011

Camel Nights

One of my favorite photos of our first night on beach Camel Safari near Sidi Kaouki, Morocco.
.... My thighs hurt just thinking about it.


  1. everytime I check on the couple of blogs I've listed as inspirational.... your adventuring, having so much life with food. It makes me want to travel, to have the courage to get on a train or car and open my eyes.
    not brave enough quite yet so for now I'll see the world through your eyes and of others who are kind enough to share it until we get the courage to pack up and fly the nest.
    Your blog is lovely... thankyou.... from a little village in West Wales. x

  2. Thank you, PaisleyHarvest! That is so beautiful what you wrote. I think it's true that a journey can be something powerful to many people, and not just the beholder. I travel to each place for different people in my life and not just for myself. The power of the internet can really take us places without even packing a bag!
    When your ready, you'll know, and your one day open your eyes in a foreign land with foreign air. And you'll fulfill a thirst to drink up the world. Enjoy the life! x -A