Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Year of the Gypsy Chef....

I've made a change in my life. After spending the last 3 years of my early 20's traveling through and living in 15 different countries throughout Europe, SE Asia and the States, I've decided to make the change of adding a delicious travel blog to my life! In fact, I have chosen to not only have a blog, but to dedicate this entire year to being an un rooted, schedule-less, home-less, priority-less, car payment-less, traveling gypsy chef! That will go anywhere and do anything (::some reservations applied::) for damn good and tasty food. I chose to imprint this fancy little title on my life right about the time.... hhhmmm.... I got on my flight from Thailand back to the States in early November. I felt a strong and powerful burn in my chest that grew fast and made me want to run through the Bangkok airport screaming "BUT I'M NOT FINISHED YET!!!"
And I'm not..... in fact.... I honestly don't know if I'll ever be "ready" to stop traveling, experiencing, changing, and floating through this game called life. But I do know that for this next year of hovering from one new city to another, I will be eating well, laughing hard, and remaining open to these opportunities that make my heart and soul happy and satisfied.
Thus this blog is here to keep you informed on my ever changing world of beautiful chaos. From my past trips, current adventures, favorite images, new recipes, and general updates- you can check in and get a sense of what it's like in the shoes of a Gypsy. Enjoy.