Friday, April 23, 2010


Been eating out a lot in New York and Chicago. But I have thankfully had some wonderful opportunities to cook with some incredibly talented foodie friends of mine too. Here are a couple little shots of my favorite homemade moments from these past few weeks.

In New York, I made the Italian marscapone cheesecake with bitter orange marmalade that I learned to make in Italy. I served it to friends at our annual Urban Family Easter celebration. Our meal included a gorgeous ham glazed in Dr Pepper and mustard, melted leeks over burrata, Orzo salad with peas and mint, horseradish deviled eggs, and this tart. A tart that we ate for breakfast alongside our cold-brewed iced coffee for the next few mornings.

After waking up to a cloudy day in Chicago, an impromptu breakfast in our pajamas and slippers was in order. I awoke with a ferocious sweet tooth (surprise surprise...) and my cure was in the shape of pancakes- Oatmeal buttermilk pancakes. With stewed prunes in a sauce that reduced to a rich honeyed caramel, and topped them with marscapone. We also had two duck eggs left over from making fresh pasta the day before. These sunset colored beauties were poached and topped on a potato hash of collard greens and lamb chorizo. We gathered our cameras to geek-out over perfect morning light, gold pancakes, and blue chairs. Our coffee was cold by the time we stopped shooting and laughing. It was totally worth it for a good morning with a much missed friend.

I head back to my mountains and ocean of California in one week.


  1. Hi, just found your blog loved the stories of NY restaurants. Check out our blog, I'm sure you'll love the name!

    How did we end up twins? Oh well...

  2. Ah, A fellow gypsy! Pleasure to meet you.

    I'm still quite new to this whole world of blogging.... I see you've had some beautiful travels and dabbles of your own, and I will enjoy following your blog. Thanks for stopping by!