Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ode' to Breakfast

I have a strong love for all things breakfast.

I'm the type that goes to sleep excited to wake up for breakfast. Like every night. Whether I'll be in the mood for fluffy pancakes with maple butter, simple oatmeal and brown sugar, a cup of coffee and a scone, or a hangover curing breakfast burrito, I'm anticipating it's arrival into my life before I even shut my eyes.
I have been taking pictures of my favorite breakfast moments, and perfect cups of caffeinated bliss for years now. And I've been following food porn blogs like Simply Breakfast for quite some time.

So here is the start to my Ode to Breakfast, an ongoing post from the archives of my favorite meal of the day.

Amsterdam, Netherlands. March 2008

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  1. Nothing quite like a good start to the day. Probably my fav meal. Sourdough pancakes or scones are my best memories. And a nice cappucino with the perfect foam from Beans. I'm smilin'!