Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year

The year 2011- Gypsy'd.....

 India- Where 2011 began. A solo journey around spiritual highs. Swimming through chai tea and coconut chutney as the adventure unfolded in every unexpected way.

A year later now, and the smells and sights of India haunt me in ways I hope will never stop.
Flying through London and then Madrid, breaking a 4 months fast of Alcohol and meat with plates and cups full of fried fish, beer, and plates of cured ham...... de tox- re tox!

 España, March 2011

 Return to Morocco in March of 2011- Spring time in Morocco is something not to be missed. Wild poppies, mint tea, walnut forests, fish tagines, and camels.

 A 3 day camel trek along the beaches of Essaouira

Magic of Marrakech

Springtime cooking in Vienna

Peggy Markel's Culinary Adventures. Sailing the Amalfi coast.

Vongole for lunch in Amalfi.

Life in Florence for the summer.

Fresh caught cod, chucks of ice, wild arugula, tart blueberries and testing out my sea legs as a yacht chef in Iceland and Greenland.

Home in California. Reunited.

Christmas and New Years in Jamaica..... Hello 2012. May you be awakening and deeply explored.

Much love. -Ash


  1. happy new year to you & wishing you a fabulous 2012!! xo

  2. Your adventures are so amazing, Ash! I love following your blog and living through you vicariously! Happy New Year!

  3. oh mercy, what a year. Yes, my 2012 be deeply explored in whatever way it needs

    xo em