Friday, December 30, 2011


This spiky, green, sweet and sour fruit grows in abundance in central America, Mexico, and Jamaica. It's family member, the cherimoya is one of my most favorite California fruits. The fruit has a creamy texture, reminiscent of bananas and coconut, and the flavor of tangy strawberry and pineapple. This has easily become one of my favorite ingredients, and meal accompaniments of Jamaica.

So the chef taught me how to make Soursop juice yesterday. 

Whole, ripe soursop is roughly peeled with a knife and placed in a bowl with a dash (1/4 cup or so) of water. Squeeze and massage the fruit with hands for a couple minutes.

Strain the fruit juice from the flesh and seeds into a seperate bowl. 
Grate fresh nutmeg into the fruit juice and whisk in 2 T sweet and condensed milk.

Soursop juice is a meal in it self. Thick and creamy, sweet and refreshing with that slight hint of nutmeg on the end.

I also have a scotch bonnet infused white rum sitting around on the shelf for the last week here, and the two of these together with a twist of lime make one hell of a fiery cocktail!

We will be serving them here for New Years while listening to this band playing live on the beach to bring in 2012 the Jamaican way.

Happy New Year!

x -A


  1. I Love trying new ingredients... will have to see if they have this Fruit in the Grocery Chains that carry many exotic imported produce? I Love Vietnamese Dessert Drinks with Boba and this one reminds me of something equally refreshing... thanks for sharing the recipe... and Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. Great, Dawn! I hope you can find either soursop or cherimoya and try out this out. Definitely give it a good dose of nutmeg, as that is what really makes this a Jamaican beverage! Enjoy. Love & Light- Ash