Saturday, October 1, 2011

Choice & Eggs

My ticket is purchased, and I am already touching the surface of goodbyes with my friends and family. My father finds new ways to ask me eachday how sure I am of needing to leave so soon. My mother wont even talk about the actual date that I depart, and friends have tried to cease every spare moment to cook or hike just one last time.
Santa Barbara has a way of putting on a damn good show that keeps you wanting more and more, but I know that it is time to go.

I found this write up in my journal from when I was living in Florence this summer. Even with the perfect vegetables, pink sunsets, and favorite faces that California has on display to keep me wanting more, I know very well that it is time for me to leave.

And this explains why....
x - Ash

-Written on July 12, 2011 in Florence Italy-

What is it about traveling?

This question posed in an email to me this morning from an old friend in Seattle. Quitting his desirable job to answer an urge, a calling, a gut feeling to travel again. One which comes from a place deep inside, that after awhile we can't shut off, as it keeps on yelling to be acknowledged. Is it the people, the places, the food? (Yes, my appetite is most definitely a key deciding factor in why I do almost anything.) But it's more than that, and it got me thinking today about, what is it about traveling?

I sat at my table, high in the sky of my Florentine apartment and pondered this question. My perfectly cooked soft-boiled eggs, toast and coffee there to segway me into the day. This. This is why I travel, I thought for a moment. Eggs is why I travel? No. But this moment is why I travel. I have no concept of what time it is right now. I have nowhere to be. And I want eggs for breakfast.

Challenge, change, desire, freedom- all come to mind when I think about my choice in lifestyle. But I know that it is bigger than that. While on skype the other day, my cousin from New York asked me what I was speaking, "Is that Australian?... or is that British?", he said. (Dear God, neither, I hope) ... but yes, my speech patterns, cadence, and even the choice of words have changed a bit. And all because, well, because they can. When I am out here, alone in the world, I can be whomever I want to be. I don't have to sound American if I don't want to, and I think subconsciously I have changed my speech patterns to fall somewhere in the middle of it all. Leaving people to question is she ...South African? Spanish? Welsh? Well, maybe.

It's the undefined existence, and the freedom to be, go, say and eat whatever you want, whenever you want. All in a way that is not selfish really. In fact, it is the sense of knowing what and when to do things in life that will make you a better friend, acquaintance, lover, sister, daughter, etc. Knowing how much of your authentic self you can deliver is an answer found within the self.

I travel because I know that I am supposed to. That I will have a veil lifted, a clarity and a sensitivity on the world that I will acquire no other way. Even at the expense of being a neutral being, unidentifiable by geography or accent. Regardless of how people will view my lifestyle or selfish choices to live my way, when I look in the mirror, I know who I'm looking at. And when I look at perfectly cooked soft-boiled eggs from the farmer at Saint Ambrogia market, which lie upon the crimson blue plate found in a Moroccan souk, and smell fresh brewed coffee laced with burning Indian incense from the living room..... This is exactly "What It Is About Travel."

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  1. A Beautiful Post that I can relate to on so many levels. I lived all of my Childhood & the early part of my Adult Life Gypsy Style with no roots... it was the only way I'd known & I loved it. After my 1st child was born I moved 9 times in less than 2 years & decided I should try to have a Home Base as I raised my young Family & go back to my Nomadic Lifestyle later after they were grown... Fast forward before the last Child was grown we became Custodial Grandparents of some of our G-Kids. So I have remained at a Home Base, though my Spirit, my Soul & my Nature is NOT to Stay Put & it is still very difficult for me... I ache to Travel more even if it is no longer abroad... I am envious of those who can because ideally I'd be right there beside them. I have a Lovely Old Home that I enjoy, but the wanderlust hits me hard & I'd give it all up for a Tropical Destination like Bora Bora *winks*... or a trip to Algeria, Morocco or someplace else Exotic. *Smiles* So for now I shall take the small trips when & if I can... and Travel vicariously through the Land Of Blog visiting Kindred Spirits who are Living out the Dream, their Purpose and their Destiny as their Heart dictates...

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian