Monday, September 30, 2013

Breaking The News.

I've been away from the Gypsy Chef because I have been a bit busy.....

But I luckily woke up this morning feeling FINALLY rested! In a house that feels like a home (regardless of the lack of furniture.) Two nomads have picked a place the live. Can you believe it!? I can barely believe it myself. But it does feel good. We spent two days unpacking boxes of clothes, worldly trinkets, old photographs, cookbooks..... and more worldly trinkets. No furniture, but walls that we reconize as our sanctuary.

In late August after gathering the feelings of being grounded and having enough time to hoard and foster intimate secrets to ourselves, we decided it was time to break the news...

We sent this email and made a batch of strawberry barley scones.

Dearest family and friends,

Another chapter in life has transitioned as we returned to CA from 5 months away. The last 4 were spent with Chris (Swiss) and I wandering the streets, mountains and temples of SE Asia. We accepted this adventure into our lives to shed away past years of stressful work in boat life, and to discover what our future has in store. A chance to reconnect with our wandering spirits and each other, this time on firm soil. We spent countless moments at the mercy of timeless exploration, following our taste buds, and day dreaming about our future together in this beautiful world. The big question of where/what country to call home for a couple of nomads of the past 6 and 9 years is not an easy one to answer. A difficult transition to come to terms with while we continue to accept the pull of our wandering souls. 

Our last stop on our trip was the Island of the gods- Bali. A playground of tropical wonder, beautiful close friends, and an inviting lifestyle balanced between relaxation and invigorating freedom. We swam in the bliss of Bali for 5 weeks. 

Our answer to the question of rooting came in our last week on the island.

We had participated in a ceremony with two of our dearest friends. A Balinese ceremony in water. Fresh spring water bubbles up from the earth, surrounded by a temple. We came to bathe amongst the blessed waters.... along with hundreds of Balinese. Dressed in traditional Sarongs of indigo blue and deep purple. Cuing through the cold, clear water, bare feet upon smooth stones, while wafts of incense swirl in the air. Moving down the line from fountain to fountain our heads plunged under the crisp running water. Washing away the old and welcoming the new. Intentions, prayers and blessings are held at each fountain as our senses awakened with blasts of holy waters. 

It was a few days after the ceremony that Swiss and I discovered our answer. After comfortably washing away our old lives of youthful sojourning, and accepting the new chapters ahead of "US" as opposed to  "I". We realized that we had both set very similar intentions in the waters that day- acceptance without fear. That of our great love for one another, leaving old habits, and maintaining our constant curiosity in the world while living a rooted life.
Joy ran its way through our veins for this new adventure ahead of us when we discovered the most incredible of Bali souvenirs.... One that will need 6 more months to arrive. 

It was then that we really knew that we would be calling California our home while we unite our worlds and welcome our little wonder on March 13th. 

Once arriving in California a month ago, and telling our families the big news, Swiss and I assembled in front of the Santa Barbara courthouse with only my parents as witnesses and said our vows while exchanging Bali-made silver rings. 

We love that you will be a part of this incredible journey before us. 

With endless love and gratitude,

Chris, Ash (and....what is currently the size of a fig) Schütz


  1. CONGRATULATIONS ASHLEY - that is SUCH exciting news. Wishing you a lifetime of love, health, success, and everlasting happiness together. I know that as that "fig" grows, so will your hearts (beyond your wildest imagination)! Hugs, Julie Anne xo

  2. ooh waw! I am so very happy for you! The tree of you! What a beautiful story. I wish you lots of Love, Light and Contentment, xxx Zoë (the Dutch/Belgian one :)

  3. i love you both for sharing this news the way you did. You are an inspiration to all of us who dream of the serenity and peace that you exude.. Love Francesca

  4. Perfect couple, keep it up and God BLess, I am a personal chef in austin and just dropping by to see your new post.