Friday, November 12, 2010


... Arabic for "Full Moon"
Kamar, is the name of a woman, and is also used as a compliment from a man to a woman with an exceptionally glowing, beautiful face. I love that.

The moment I stepped off the plane in Marrakesh, I was welcomed with warm African winds carrying a night scent of diesel, cumin, and orange blossoms. I was intoxicated with affection for Morocco within moments, before my feet even touched the soil. The PMCA Culinary Adventure that I assisted was the perfect segway to indulge my senses and officially place Morocco on my list of places to long for.

Once I float down from this cloud of rose water, saffron threads, and sweet dates dipped in milk, then I will give you the full Moroccan break down. And until then, pour yourself a glass of mint tea and throw a wish to the great Kamar.